A little bit of information on the Owner...

Larry Gann started his music career as a professional musician about 18 years ago.  While as a drummer his Bands had success touring and playing shows with Warrant, Blessed Union of Souls, and Puddle of Mudd among others.  But Long hours in the studio convinced him where his future lay.

“Being a musician really helps me relate to other musicians while in the Studio.  I’ve been there and I know what they want and need to play well.”

Currently he has been a full time professional Producer /Engineer for more than 15 years.  He has Engineered and Mastered hundreds of local bands, as well as engineered for many National Artists, Well Known Producers, and Major Record Labels.  Larry has been credited on Many Major Label Releases and has worked on literally thousands of productions. many currently on the Radio. Your project deserves this level of experience!

Clients and working relationships include:

Elton John, The Backstreet Boys, Lit, John Rich (Lone Star, Big & Rich) Natalie Merchant, Rev Theory, Jim Gaines (Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Journey), Kansas, Head East, RPM (Tim McGraw), Randle Chowning Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Waterdeep, Oleta Adams, Capital Records, Glen Ballard, Robert Vosgien (Goo Goo Dolls, Lenny Kravitz) DreamWorks Records, DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Patrick Leonard (Madonna), BNA Records, RCA Records, Butterfly Group, Barry Rudolph (Rod Stewart/Lynyrd Skynrd), Roddy Chiong (Shania Twain, Celine Dion), Joe Harley, Harold Wheeler (Celine Dion/Gloria Estefan), Don Murray (Fourplay/Chick Corea/Phil Collins),   Jay McShann, Russ Long, Jimmie Bratcher, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Wizards, Kansas City Royals, Sprint, Wal-Mart, Houston Astros, Bur, Ida McBeth, Tate Stevens, Broken Cowboys, Boko Maru, Tim Whitmer, Sojourn, Boots Randolph,  Son Venezuela, Max Groove, Ahmad Alaadeen, Sonny Kenner,  Jimmy Dikes, Cloverton, Stars Go Dim, Luqman Hamza, James Albright, Elevator Divison, JWB, Maywood, Benyahu, Lori Harris, LipRiddle, Alex Cordero, Monarch Records, Rod Lincoln, Lynda Randle, Michael Tait (DC Talk), Shook Hansen, 7, Abbington, Sirtez, Julian Vaughn, Lester Estelle (Pillar, Neil McCoy), and many more.

“The time I’ve spent working with Grammy winning Artists and Producers has allowed me to learn the way they do things and bring that national level of performance to any artists project. It’s those experiences that have been invaluable for me to help rising Artists reach that next Level.”

Larry has spent a great deal of time in Los Angeles and Nashville working with the top people in the Industry in the best studios in the world.  keeping his knowledge on the cutting edge with what’s happening in Today’s Music.  This combined experience with Major and Indie bands alike has given Larry the skills required to produce World-Class Recordings.

“ I like to bring out the best in a band. It doesn’t matter to me if they are signed to a major label or just starting out. I put A LOT of energy and Passion in what I do. I really love hearing a song turn into something much more than just another song and then seeing the artists faces light up when we surpass everything they had dreamed it could be”

Larry has years of experience using a vast array of state-of-the-art tools and top-notch vintage gear to achieve his brand of aural magic. This comfortable knowledge allows him to quickly achieve results and focus on the Art of music.

“It’s not just about using great gear. It’s about wanting a certain sound and knowing which piece of gear will get me there in that moment. The listeners will probably never know what we used, they will just know whether the song moved them or not."

Larry can help a group with their project from start to finish. Including everything from tracking, mixing, mastering, duplication and promos. Even teaching an artist how to shop and market the finished CD. He also has the knack of making every step of the process smooth, efficient, and fun.

“My goal as a Producer/Engineer is to help the artist sound and perform their best! I use tools, tricks, mood, a great vibe in the session, whatever it takes to achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter if an artist only has a small budget. We will focus on the important things, Do it right, and get them a recording they can be proud of!”

Moving into the world of Acoustic Design, Larry has pushed his skills forward. Doing extensive consulting with the top studio designers in the world. He has designed and assisted in the construction in his world-class Studio as well as numerous professional recording facilities, concert venues and Churches. With 15 years of experience on professional Pro Tools systems Larry has earned the rating of Expert Pro Tools Engineer, and has installed and maintained systems in the top studios in K.C. and abroad. Larry is currently on call lists in Nashville, New York, and Los Angeles as a Pro Tools Specialist.  Larry is always Progressing his art of Production, continually learning and never taking for granted his wild ride through some of the most wonderful experiences in his life. He truly understands hard work, faith, and dedication is what pays off.

“In the year 2000 I was sitting in on a session for Quincy Jones at Capital Records. I looked around the room and realized I was surrounded by some of the world’s finest musicians, producers, and engineers. At that moment I knew I was truly doing what I was meant to do.”

“I thank God for my calling and I sincerely thank you for allowing me to be a part of your music.”